I’ve been unable to get to my blog for a few days, blogger was giving me weird cookie errors, but it’s fixed now!
I have redone and removed my old Iron Diamond Servery, now it is Iron Diamond Deluxe.
I wont post the entire notecard here, but basically it is (from what my customers have said) ‘a kajiras dream’ ‘the best in SL’ ‘absolutely amazing!’
It has 8 animations, and like all my sets, everything is included (except me! but you can arrange that seperately, for adjustments!)
I’ll show you the pictures, but I do recommend you looking it up inworld. The whole thing is on display near the entrance of my store.
SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sanguine/151/49/636

After my favorite release, I’ve done a lot of smallwork.
This includes the release of my new “Low L$ Low Prim” section of my store. You can find it by going past the serveries, near the infirmary area there is a little archway. Here you can find items from 1L-125L$ ranging from seating, rugs, beds, servery, and 2 prim brasiers.
Some of the cuter items I have added are the 2 prim brasiers. They’re SUPER cute, come in 3 sizes and 3 textures including Iron Diamond and Celtic Knot styles, aswell as these nifty 2 pose 2 prim cushion seats which look reeaally comfortable! (No poseballs!)

I also made a mini version of my Comfy Chair! Everyone has always loved them, they’ve sold like pancakes on pancake day in the UK – It’s now in a tiny little design called the “Singles Comfy Chair” and it’s approximately 1.5m in diameter and has 5 prims, 4 poses, and one is a cute reading one, click the chair for a book. Also click the cushions to get a changing menu, it can have all 5 textures the previous one had!

Another thing I released is a 11 pose (some repeated) 20-ish prims cage. It has a working door and all sorts of poses including 2 hanging ones, most are struggling tied up, some are sleeping, some just sit there moping. It’s really great and also has no poseballs.

Come by and check out the new releases! I hope you’ll be surprised and enjoy them!

Written by Admin Cat

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