I’ve put out a few more things, and all of it is out in the main store now except a handful of pumpkins! 
All will be on Marketplace by the end of the weekend, but most items are already there!
I’m seeing if there is any interest in a Lucky Chair for the main store, so please vote on the poll on the right hand side -> 
Even if you don’t want them, or indifferent, it would really help me out to decide!
Our items now also for sale are the display tables we’ve been using to showcase items, as well as 3 new pie varieties – Pumpkin, Apple Tart, & Cherry Lattice!
You can check them out at the main store, ~or~ one of them is a hidden 25L$ Hunt item at the Fall Fete – hint: It’s pretty close to our stall, but not in it, and not near anyone elses~

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?