I have been thinking for some time of my original goal to put the entire store on the ground..
And it’s become an unrealistic goal, or so I think, unless I make a few rather ugly additions to store the primarily vendor boxed items.

I *am* thinking of possibly putting the bulk majority of boxed items in the ‘general storage’ area of the fishing village, Sanguine Isle.

However, since it is so far away from Liatha, the main village, I doubt many people would find it, and thus killing off sales, which are already so desperately far and few between lately. It is summer, after all.

So I have a few choices,
I am leaning towards putting a large 40x40x20m black box, similar to those which house the second and third floors currently to create one large area, easy to view and an easy access to all boxed items above. In combination with a constantly updated notecard/map to find all the items on the floor, I believe this is the easiest way to rearrange the store so that everyone can find what they want in the most aesthetically pleasing manner aswell as being organized.

My other ideas are to really really crowd in the items into any and all spaces on the sim, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it is, predominantly leaning on the tents for the rather ‘out there’ items, but keeping a small 20x20x10 (same as 2nd floor size) box to put the fantasy or clothing items in..
Actually, speaking of the clothing and fantasy items, I was considering removing both of those floors completely and forever, and just giving them away as somewhat freebies in the hole periodically as ‘packages’ ~ This works great considering I am running out of ideas for freebies.

I am browsing through a few other ideas, considering not boxing anything or vendoring anything which would be pretty, but hard to find exactly what you want..

For example, where would you find the medium sized oriental textured Flames of the Night brasier when it could be anywhere on the sim?
Hard, I know.
This is why I want to leave one box in the sky.
However, I do not know what would be the most customer friendly.
It’s hard to look at it from a purely customers standpoint,
Since I live and breathe Sanguine Sim & Dysfunctional Dolly Designs-
I know my way around better then the back of my hand —
Admittedly, I do see them 18+ hours a day as I type along though.

If anyone reads this, anonymously or not, please feel free to comment or email me.
I really do want to hear what people, customers or not, feel would be the best ideas to manage the sim and store.

For without customers, I frankly would not continue this store.
It’s as much as passion for building, as it is a commitment to customers & quality.


Written by Admin Cat

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