We have three fantastic new releases for you today, and all of them are a 2 piece set!
One of them, even, is available for a mere 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays! Stop by inworld to discover which of these you can snag for a meager price this week.
Market Signs : 1 prim for the wall; 2 prim for the freestanding. Copy/Mod. 125L$
Market Carts : 2 prims each. Copy/Mod. 155L$.
Fancy Banners : 1 prim each. Copy/Mod. 165L$.
     – Includes 6 optional textures, optional shadow prims, AO and UV maps for customisation, and scripts for giving contents and/or deleting – great for adding to RP scenes or group advertisement with style.
Items will be available on the SL Marketplace later this week, but can already be found in all multi-panel Dysfunctional Designs vendors such as affiliates.

Written by Admin Cat

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