We’re bringing you five all-new, 100% original mesh releases today, suited for across the globe in themes – where can YOU fit these in to your life?
First up is a lovely set of Mediterranean Cypress Trees – each at just 1 prim, they add a lovely and vibrant depth to homes. They’re all modifyable, and the thinner versions come with 2 LOD choices, so you can stretch them up to 20m tall with a single prim. These will set you back a mere 195L$, and as always: they’re copyable!
We swing back to our Asian continent with a slightly out of the ordinary release for us, but one that I think our Pani or other Asian roleplayers will adore. Maybe you’re not even in an Asian roleplay, but would love an exotic keepsake for your partner, or plan to use the non themed choices? Who knows!
What I do know is that this 10 texture option Tea Set is sure to add great depth, each one can be set to one of the above gorgeous textures, and when you request a wearable & animated teacup from it – it will be a matching texture!
At a meager 155L$, 1 prim, and copyable this scripted Tea Set is a wonderful addition to any home or garden.
Probably my favorite of the new releases, this Fancy Little Proper Table Set would be so well suited on the Mediterranean Coast, the English Garden, or even in any era of the Asian continent! Pair it up with either our wine casks for an elegant wine tasting party, or set our beautiful new Tea Set on top for a relaxing and stylish  afternoon tea, no matter where you are!
It features 9 luxurious and super rich looking cushion textures as well as 3 wood options ranging from a delicate light tone to an exotic darker tone giving you dozens of options for customising your look.
As well, there is a choice of 7 animations from feminine sits to gender neutral or even slightly masculine choices for those times you simply must force him to enjoy tea.
Our Proper Little Table Set will set you back an affordable 295L$, and each piece only one prim cost each.
Next up are some themed Wine Casks, taking you into the Wine Cellars of California, Italy, or France – get it right from the tap! Or, perhaps you’ll plop it in the middle of your Tavern for a serve yourself option?
These Wine Casks also stack wonderfully! Want a double or triple stack? Just drag more up!
These (despite my slight typo in the ad! Oops!) are modify, copyable, and sure to please at just 125L$.
One prim, and yet fully rendered and undistorted bottles are packed into these two racks – two, of course, so that you can have many of them without it looking too repetitive in your wine storage place of choice.
This pair of Wine Racks add an amazing level of depth to your home at that tiny prim cost you’ve become accustomed to when shopping with us. As a bonus item, we’re including a small arrangement of Wine Glasses to place atop or near these.
Also, these (despite my slight typo in the ad! Oops!) are modify, copyable, and sure to please at just 165L$.
I hope you’re as excited about this trip around the world in a mere 1 prim per piece and exceptionally affordable prices. Interested in picking these items up? Head over to our main store!
Hope to see you soon! 

Written by Admin Cat

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