My favorite releases of all the items so far is our brand new Braziers! They were released on the 16th of Feb (2012! for all you late to the party!) and are only 2 prims equivalent/LI each which means even though they are composed of 3 parts, they only count as 2 prims on your land making them very appealing indeed!

They come in versions which emit light, and those which don’t, so you can choose to have emitted light on yours or not. If I am going to use a lot, I typically alternate one which emits light every other, unless they’re pretty far apart. Too much light is bad, but just enough can really make a scene very real.

They’re 175L$ per variety, and I absolutely encourage you to view them in world as the flames look amazing. My favorite is the burning ember ones, as the way the flames lick over the glowing coals is just beautiful and so relaxing!

Otherwise, you can view them on our marketplace. As always, they’re also sold through our affiliate vendors (20% commission, no start up fee) as well!

Written by Admin Cat

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