I’m going to be taking away first…
I’m pretty much disowning all unstarted projects. I know, I promised them.
But I can’t commit to anything right now.
As to adding on, I’m adding on a new servery set. We decided to call it the humble servery set because it’s compiled primarily of pieces that look like they’d be found in some small little cottage off to the edge of town brushing the border of the woods. It’s very multipurpose, and you can change the prim count some. It comes with 6 accessories too, a rug, two boiling pots to hang inside, and three urns.
It also has the 4 primary parts consisting of shelving, the water pump spigot, the fire, and the heating/sink base.
It’s truely gorgeous, but I don’t have a picture currently, may try to upload one later.

Written by Admin Cat

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