Anke’s First Sky Pack

Hi everyone~ ♥

Just dropping off news of my latest release! Sort of.

For many of you in the store group, you received prototypes of these new EEP settings last week in a limited format.

You guys are so sweet, and sent such a stellar outpouring of support over what I sent out, so I decided to polish them up, and include 5 extra options~

This is the pack of EEP settings I created for my own use on my sims of Dysfunctionality & Imogen. These feature 3 original hand-drawn cloud layers, and a more stylized moon. They are very whimsical and fun in nature.

Here are the five day cycle settings I use on the sims, which when put in this order will flow seamlessly:

Additionally, you’ll find my relatively neutrally lit DysPlat which is a whimsical lavender featuring soft delicate clouds that I love for my work area & DysCloudyNight which we use in our spooky snowy forest, but it should work for many environments. This has a different, thicker cloud layer than the previous ones.

Only the preset sky files are included, no completed cycle nor textures are added.

These are copy, mod, no transfer and only 95L$!

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xx Anke

PS: Reviews are SO very appreciated! Thank you for your continued support. ♥♥♥

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