After the definite appeal of last weeks Weapon Rack release, featuring Axes & Spears…
The logical direction was toward swords! So this week we are offering [DDD] Weapon Rack – Swords with the same great scripts, perms, & prices as last week but with a definitely all-new model!
Like usual, it is exceptionally low prim and great looking with realistic baked shadows & lighting and a 3D coverage without the distortion of sculpties.
A perfect 1 prim accent for any armory, blacksmith, outpost, longhall, walkway, & much more!
It features excellent detailing and baked textures not found in other weapon racks. As well, this modifyable & copyable piece includes a script that lets you turn it into a scripted “rearming” crate, shouting up to 99m away to inform people that whoever has clicked it is now resupplied!
25L$ today down from a regular 95L$ @ the main store til 11:59pm SLT Tuesday when it goes up!

Written by Admin Cat

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