While we typically have the explicit stance of never repeating an item at a discounted price… leaving you sure and confident in the prices you purchase an item…
We’ve made a minor exception for the infamous Black Friday after much customer pleading.
 So we have given everyone a broad 10% discount on our products purchased today – pay for your item (100L$-> Refunds 10L$). This will only last until MIDNIGHT SLT FRIDAY. 
*Price is only Inworld, as there is no easy way to do a Marketplace sale!*
There is only -one- item not set up to give a discount, and that is the “Lil’ Fountain”! A new release, 3 prim small 3.5m diameter. It’s set for sale down from it’s original retail price of 275L$ -> 100L$ just until Midnight also!
So please hurry and stop by for your Lil’ Fountain at a ‘lil’ price!
Sale Ends @ Midnight tonight! Friday only~

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?