I’m going to redo the blog, like… delete posts and restart.
I’m Nyalee Mirrikh, of Dysfunctional Dolly Designs.
I product mass quantities of rustic or old-world themed items, such as (but not limited to)kitchenware, infirmary (physican-ish) furniture, huts and woodsey builds, campfires, fireplaces, bedroom/livingroom items, dining items, dispensible items, some clothing, some mild bondage things (hardly sexual) and soon, slave chores.
I am one of the larger competitors out there for this group of items, and there isn’t much of a variety out there so far, I hope to expand on it. Currently I occupy the sim Sanguine, one which my boyfriend owns, and he also helps me build. Not in depth co-building, but he does help a lot on small stuff, like texturing issues, sculpties, scripting, and when I lag a lot: Naming things. My store even has a small little alcove at the bottom where I keep the most peculiar items… errh.. like my tongue chair. I can’t explain that, but you definitely have to see it. My primary floor has all of my main items such as my vast amounts of serveries, my randomly there campfire pieces, and the little alcove in which I store bedroom/livingroom items that are a little more lavishly comfortable.
Well, I’ll stop ranting for awhile. I’ll post pictures later, take care!

Written by Admin Cat

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