Breezy Bamboo

Happy Fifty Linden Friday’s friends ♥
This week we have a massive hand-drawn, all original mesh plant pack for you~

ONLY 50L$ for FRIDAY 10/8/21

Includes the material enhanced, low poly optimized bamboos as follows: single, bush, extra sticks, one-sided wall, and 8 unique mesh cluster of 4+ bamboos each – all at 1 land impact each!
Each cluster comes in original and large size, please read the notecard or Marketplace description for full information on the differences, especially for LODs and linking.

The included HUD is in-house scripted with low lag in mind… and no clicky foliage!
3 textures, with the option to totally randomize for a varied and natural look.

Materials enhanced. Bonus fallen bamboo floor clutter to help blend further~ ♥

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Thank you.

An example of the 3 texture choice options via easy-use, low lag HUD!
Choose the ‘?’ mystery button to randomize for an even more natural blending of spaces.
All done? Choose [Delete Scripts] to get rid of extra lag.

Written by Admin Cat

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