Fifty Linden Fridays is back!

Hi friends ♥
FLF is back and we have two love-filled projects I’ve been fiddling with on the side for only 50L each through 11:59pm Friday!
In our Fluffy Foliage Basics pack, you’ll get several tree and plant options ranging from 1-5LI, all ran by a HUD with 2 bark & 4 leaf choices~ A full megapack with these and more, coming soon.™

The Neon Cycle EEP Pack includes a dawn, day, dusk, and night time that seamlessly flow through each other in a packaged cycle – ready to apply to your parcel! Each state of the day is also included individually, of course. ♥

Thanks for your continued support!

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Thank you.

(sun moved slightly for ease of shot)
A sample of the individual phases – the flow they naturally have over a full day is sadly lost a bit, but hopefully this still gives a good representation~ xx
Hocus Pocus 2021

Hocus Pocus 2021

Happy Halloween month~
We’re participating in one of our most favorite events again this year: Hocus Pocus!

This fun event begins tonight at midnight (22nd) and runs through the 1st.

Participants have a 25% chance to get our adorable all-original mesh Spooky Mushroom Trees for FREE each try.
The option to purchase the all-new item for a discounted rate of 50L$!

You can read their “How to Play” for any questions, or just head over to our mainstore and say hocus pocus in general chat next to the event display.

This particular release will be retired for an unknown period of time after the event due to restructuring priorities, so please be sure to stop by and grab it before then if you want it!
Each package includes a redeemable personal use voucher for registering it in our updates/redelivery vendor system.


Hi friends ♥

If you’ve peeked in the group or toured the sims lately, you’ll see stuff is changing again~

I just wanted to have a repository for you to see what is changing and why, you can check HERE.

Some updates are available for FREE via the in-world delivery system for some products on the list. For those being compiled to Sets from individuals in retirement, only Sets may be purchased as a whole in the future both in-world on the retirement sim, and the SL Marketplace. Not all individual items are being updated.
See links on sidebar for urls.

These most recent changes reflect the ‘final form’ of several products as I prepare a mass retirement of many of the pre-2014 era offerings. At the end of this project, I hope to have successfully retired to my satisfaction approximately 200 items. Currently, I have only done so with about 14, so there is a long way to go. Additionally, I hope to update another more recently released (post-2017) approximately 25 items to meet current standards within the H&G section.

While I am planning to restructure many items in large ways (rescripting, HUDs, materials) or small ways (price change, modify permissions), at this time I have no plans to publish a list or approve nor deny any requests for specific products or sets to have these changes.

Furthermore, while I apologize that some of these updates aren’t available for individual items, all retired content is being priced affordably enough to hopefully make it worthwhile anyway. I understand that people want free updates, but I am putting in many hours of my time remastering and scripting much of this so I don’t think it is appropriate to be paid for it.

Please do not reach out to me making these requests. They highly demotivate me from making any changes at all.

Thank you for your consideration.

Breezy Bamboo

Breezy Bamboo

Happy Fifty Linden Friday’s friends ♥
This week we have a massive hand-drawn, all original mesh plant pack for you~

ONLY 50L$ for FRIDAY 10/8/21

Includes the material enhanced, low poly optimized bamboos as follows: single, bush, extra sticks, one-sided wall, and 8 unique mesh cluster of 4+ bamboos each – all at 1 land impact each!
Each cluster comes in original and large size, please read the notecard or Marketplace description for full information on the differences, especially for LODs and linking.

The included HUD is in-house scripted with low lag in mind… and no clicky foliage!
3 textures, with the option to totally randomize for a varied and natural look.

Materials enhanced. Bonus fallen bamboo floor clutter to help blend further~ ♥

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Please consider writing a review, I really appreciate them and so do future buyers like yourself.
Thank you.

An example of the 3 texture choice options via easy-use, low lag HUD!
Choose the ‘?’ mystery button to randomize for an even more natural blending of spaces.
All done? Choose [Delete Scripts] to get rid of extra lag.
Spectral Nights & Utility EEP Packs!

Spectral Nights & Utility EEP Packs!

Hi friends!
This week I have not one, but two new EEP packs for you:

Spectral Nights EEP Pack (pictured above) is available now for Fifty Linden Fridays – which means only 50L$ this Friday only!
This set of four night time themed skies includes two Auroral options as well as a heavily shadowed Crescent Moon Night, and neutrally lit Moonless Night.
Each feature custom textures and shaders made for each other to bring together a unique and quality wind light sky setting for your sim.

Our second new release is the Utility EEP Pack~ These four EEP settings are only 10L$ permanently to make them more accessible to everyone!
Included are a Black, White, and Green Screen settings & the Pitch Black option.
Each of the Screen choices features absolutely true neutral ambient lighting and is excellent for layering or cropping photos for later manipulation.
These options do limit shadows and lighting effects by the sky on objects, so they will give a nice smooth appearance to both avatars and objects.
Pitch Black is exactly as it says, and with the exception of full bright or in-world lighting hitting objects, everything will be completely blotted out. This is super fun to play with to highlight items using materials, lighting, and in-world shadows.

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The Spectral Night Pack Settings
The Utility Pack Settings
Very Cloudy EEP 4 Pack

Very Cloudy EEP 4 Pack

This week for Fifty Linden Friday’s we have a beautiful new EEP Pack for you!

The Very Cloudy pack includes multiple unique hand-drawn clouds in its four different sky settings, ranging from a versatile dark haunted Midnight, a foggy greenish Helheim-themed fantasy option, a beautiful hazy blue Smoggy Day that reminds me of Los Angeles, and a sleepy sepia that brings forth visions of Midwest fields on autumn evenings.

All 4 can be yours for just 50L$ this Friday, over 60% off the price it will be this time next week – so buy or gift it before then to snag this special pricing.

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A preview of these 4 using standard Firestorm settings.
Soft Pastel Skies & Lanterns!

Soft Pastel Skies & Lanterns!

New this week for Fifty Linden Fridays we have the Pastel Floating Lanterns and Soft Cloud EEP Skies!

Our charming update to an old favorite, these new Pastel Floating Lanterns include 7 new texture options, an enhanced radius control, better LODs, and soft lighting.

You’ll find these 1 land impact, roaming lovelies the perfect finisher for your Summer decor~

When I made my original EEP Sky Pack, I could never have imagined how popular it would become. Even months after release, they consistently stay in our top 5 & bring in so many requests for more – so here they are. ♥

These 3 feature an all-new cloud and sun texture to bring you through the twilight hours, a beautiful sunny day, and into a warm sunset that is so romantic.

You can find both of these new releases for just 50L$ this weekend, then they will go up to their normal prices!

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Group Gift Time: EEP & Poppies 2.0

Group Gift Time: EEP & Poppies 2.0

This week I have a new “Peachy Rainbow” EEP setting available for FREE to all group members.

I also threw in the limited release Pollen Beam to this box from the year before.

In addition, I dug out the notice-released “Swaying Poppies Patch” from last year and set it up in its own vendor, too. Anyone who missed that limited release may also find it in the group gift level of the freebie building.

Head over to our main store with your [Dysfunctionality] group tag on to claim both of these in the freebie building.

Thanks for all your continued support. xx Anke

Anke’s First Sky Pack

Anke’s First Sky Pack

Hi everyone~ ♥

Just dropping off news of my latest release! Sort of.

For many of you in the store group, you received prototypes of these new EEP settings last week in a limited format.

You guys are so sweet, and sent such a stellar outpouring of support over what I sent out, so I decided to polish them up, and include 5 extra options~

This is the pack of EEP settings I created for my own use on my sims of Dysfunctionality & Imogen. These feature 3 original hand-drawn cloud layers, and a more stylized moon. They are very whimsical and fun in nature.

Here are the five day cycle settings I use on the sims, which when put in this order will flow seamlessly:

Additionally, you’ll find my relatively neutrally lit DysPlat which is a whimsical lavender featuring soft delicate clouds that I love for my work area & DysCloudyNight which we use in our spooky snowy forest, but it should work for many environments. This has a different, thicker cloud layer than the previous ones.

Only the preset sky files are included, no completed cycle nor textures are added.

These are copy, mod, no transfer and only 95L$!

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xx Anke

PS: Reviews are SO very appreciated! Thank you for your continued support. ♥♥♥

Velvet Antique Couch & Chair Set

Velvet Antique Couch & Chair Set

It took me long enough! I’ve been slowly chipping away at how to handle some technical problems with this set for… a very long time.

But that is neither here nor there, what matters is it is done now. ♥

The [DDD] Antique Couch & Chair Living Set includes:
• 2 Land Impact per Chair
• 1 Land Impact per Solo Chair
• 2 Land Impact per Couch
• Copy & Mod
• All Original Mesh & Textures
• LOD & Materials Optimised
• Custom Low Lag Scripts
• 8 Velvets & 26 Accent Textures via HUD
• BOTH the Adult and PG Variants

Seats 2, solo poses can be mixed & matched with both sitters, and the cuddles & adult poses are synchronized. Security & Av Control Menu included.

Chair Animations:
• 30 + 5 Solo Seats
• 23 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 17 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, anal, doggy, cowgirl, and more.
Couch Animations:
• 26 + 20 Solo Seats
• 26 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 37 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more!

Our cuddles are perfect for close and romantic time before, or TLC/aftercare, including several BENTO enabled cuddles. ♥

The retail price is 495L$ but group members can get a further 5% off as well as loyalty savings~

Any reviews left on the SL Marketplace listing for this item by April 3rd at 12pm SLT will receive 100L$ in in-world store credit to their account by April 5th.
If 5 or more reviews are left by April 3rd, one (1) reviewer will receive 500L$ in credit instead.

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xx Anke