For a nice little mid-week surprise…
We bring to you the Christmas Bows Gatcha!
If you’re not in the know on it… a gatcha is a type of game, much like those ones adorning the front doors of grocery stores where you pay a small fee, like a quarter, and get a random gift like a bouncy ball, trinket, or sticker. In this case, you pay 25L$ (about 10c USD) and get a random bow! These items are no copy, but transfer so that you can trade if you wish for a certain type.
These bows you may have seen adorning our Garlands, and to that we’ve added 2 more colour varieties: Blue & Gold!
We decided on a gatcha as I thought with simple items like this, it would be so fun! The price to play is 25L$ & the perms are of course NO COPY, but they ARE mod… so stick them in your hair, on doors, on your junk! There is like a ton of uses for bows!
They ARE mesh, but only become more than 1 prim at a pretty huge size – so they should be good for many needs!
To find them, they’re outside and to the left in the snowy/wintery/seasonal area we’ve set up along the wall with garlands!
Of course, since it is a gatcha you’ll only find it inworld!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?