Everyone loves the fun & cute XOXO Hunt each year, and it’s back!
This year we have an adorable new 2 land impact Cozy Heart Pillows for you & one other to share.
This low land impact all original mesh has 7 texture options:
White, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Red, Magenta, and Black!
You can change each pillow individually, or all at once to mix & match suitably.
It seats 2 with 8 couples cuddle poses, as well as 9 individual solo poses for two (18 total.)
You can get it FOR FREE by visiting our inworld XOXO display and saying in chat ‘xoxo’!
Our % win rate is 25%, so you have a 1/4 chance of winning.
Unlucky? Visit tomorrow! The timer resets every 24 hours so you can try each day until the 25th.
Impatient? You can also buy it or gift it for 50L$ at any time through the vendor.
I hope you’ll enjoy it~
Please be sure to grab a HUD and check out all the other participating stores while you’re there. ♥

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?