This week began the monthly event FaMESHed, an all original mesh creator event!
They’ve kindly invited us back for their 1st Birthday event! Over 50 great designers are participating in it this month. 
While we certainly are not necessarily a main stream store – although our landscaping designs can certainly be used anywhere – we’re so happy to do something for this event!
Our item is the Victorianesque Regular Fireplace (we do also feature a corner version at our main store, with accessories sold separately) – the amazing thing about this Fireplace is that it is many in one – you’re able to change the stone, stone accent, wood, and metal textures separately to ‘create’ a fireplace unique to your home! It would look especially great with any of our recent High Wooden releases.
It also comes in 5 sizes, ranging from grandoise down to a petite suited size, ranging from 1-5 prims in turn dependent on the size you choose.
You can find either version for 295L$, as well as the Wood Rack for 85L$, and the Fireplace Tools (also texture change, 4 metals) for a mere 100L$
Please head over to FaMESHed for the regular version, and our main store for the Corner version & accessories.
We’ll be announcing the 2nd great all new event we’re participating in this month tomorrow, so keep notice!

Written by Admin Cat

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