Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Newsletter! -16th June 2008-

Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (DDD) is devoted to bringing you the best and most varied rustic creations in Second Life.
Owned and run by Nyalee Mirrikh, this newsletter was created to showcase new products and freebies, inform of new
developments, and give the creators a somewhat more lengthy arena to speak and give their personal views and stories.
This newsletter aims not just to be give out product information, but also to give us a place to talk, comment and interact
with the people for whom we create. Expect anything!

0. Contents

1. Creators hello
2. New freebie
3. Products
4. Other developments
5. The Rustic Foods cometh
6. General
7. Code’s corner

1. Creator’s hello

Welcome to the first Dysfunctional Dolly Designs newsletter! We were a little nervous about releasing one, but with the
growth of the store to now cover almost the entire sim of Sanguine we felt that it was natural so that we could bring
you updates and information without annoying everybody with a large number of notices.

Well, it’s been an interesting few days, on Monday we are starting our food release mini-event including the treasure
hunt, we have some more information about that below.

We’ve cut back on a lot of our releases, sorry for that – but we hope you’ll enjoy what we do release as our skills are definitely improving.
Eventually we hope to host 90% of the store exclusively on the ground, and create a wonderful and immersive environment for you to relax, shop, and play in.

2. Freebies

We are releasing several freebies today, most of them are to do with the new food line we have created, however we have restocked “The Hole” with 6 total freebies.
4 of them are 1 prim sleeping pillows, very cute, and very simple.
One of them is a simple 2 prim very quaint washtub!
And the last, is one of our new serving trays, complete with in-built AO, stocked with our new exclusive sculpted food releases!

Yes, a 1 in 6 chance you can get one free! (Though the other freebies are nothing shameful!)

This is for the event on Monday, June 16th, 2008 beginning at noon, 12:00.
The sim will be closed for the half an hour prior so we can set up..

Also, we have 20 piles of crates across the sim, some easier to find then others. These are stocked full of either serving trays with the AO, single plates, or just a single piece of food.
We hope that everyone will respect our wishes when we ask for you to only get one food crate per person.

We will be watching, and there will be reprocussions if you don’t.
We want to make this as fair as possible for everyone, so please: just follow the rules!

Another added in factor to the crates, you will not be buying them. Infact, just click it. There will only be one person per crate which can receive the gift, so if the script is gone from the contents, that crate has already been taken.
Aswell, to limit those who like to peer from afar, you will need to stand within close proximity to the box to receive it’s goodies.

3. Products

Our new products are so limited this week, and yet so vast.

Many of you have noticed our working on sculpted prim food for the past 6 months. Yes, I know – it’s a long time. However, we are delighted to bring them to you when they were truely ready.
The exception to this is that none of them will dispense items yet, for this – we ask you forgive us and just enjoy what we have currently. The dispensables will be coming along, just a little later.

Our new products are as follows, including price ranges.

Prices for single foods range from 5-20L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for plates range from 20-150L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for sets are about 100L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for Serving Trays are about 350L, as they contain a large amount of food and are scripted and animated (no mod, copy)

Plate, single food, and sets are all avaliable for purchase in the bakery. Please forgive the clutter.

Alternatively, you can purchase the full package of food serving trays for 1,000L$ (a 400L$ discount) which includes four of them, divided into the following labels of
“Hearty: A packed in mixture of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread piles around a central roast.”
“Dainty: A light mixture of morning breads and sweets, light but fulfilling”
“Light: A small but varied mixture of bread, meats, and vegetables.”
“Savory: Roasted foods such as chicken, potatoes, dark meats, and other vegetables compile this plate.”

These are only our first four food plates, hopefully they will be appetizing enough to intrigue you, and I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.
The food platters are not meant to be used as decoration, and as such, will delete themselves after a short period of time if you do put them out.
Displayable versions at a lesser fee will be avaliable in the neat future.

We do have aswell, a new set of sculpted drink platters, which also have the inbuilt AO.
These come with both drinks and food piled on top, meant for a good time.
Currently the selection of the drinks are in the following names:

“Jolly: A timeless jug, encircled by apples and nuts, and filled with a deep reddish wine.”
“Scarlet: Another redwine in a saki-style decanter, plate donned with goblets, berries, and bread.”
“Eccentric: A clear gin or vodka with soft fresh biscuits, unshelled nuts, and strawberries.”
“Noble: A mixed drink, possibly of vodka and another, certainly stirring an appetite with roasted chicken.”

As always though, it is your choice, and your decision to what they are, we just give a means to which to roleplay it with.
If you have a suggestion for colors/mixes of items you would like to see made, we are happy to attempt to satisfy your needs.

The foods will be avaliable in the new bakery, please follow this LM and cross the bridge to get to them. It’s the house directly south of the central tree.
Alternatively, if you stop by the store first, you can click the glowing teleporting orb in the dollfies hand.

4. Other developments

The transition onto the ground has gone pretty smoothly, and the new freebie system, “The Hole” was a great success for everyone, but now the real
work begins as we transform the sim into the most beautiful place we can.

The next thing we’re hoping to develop in the sim is to complete furnishing the buildings in Liatha, and then to start improving the central fields to make
them more cohesive, with all kinds of plants and grasses (hopefully low prim!) most of the sim’s contents will unfortunatly not be for sale as we want
to keep everything here as unique to us as possible, but as we slowly build the sim we are sure to churn out new things to be sold in the store that we
might not have thought of before.

We have worked hard on the sim so far, and we hope you visit us to see the fruits of our labour.

7. Code’s corner

Since my partner Nyalee is really the main face and owner of Dysfuntional Dolly designs some of you might not know me. I am codered1200 Nemeth,
I work as an assistant for DDD (though my partner nyalee wants me to think of myself as a co-owner, its a title I have terribly resisted 😀 ) and I do the
custom sculpting, texturing and scripting to try and help bring a uniqueness to her creations.

Since Ny let me create the template for this newsletter, I shadily added my own little corner space to it in the hopes she wouldent notice, so far I
think it’s working.

Whew, what a hard few weeks it’s been. Getting all the food ready. Some days I would just make a few peices, totally unmotivated, other times I
would go for hours, but I’m pretty happy with what we came up with with the end though. I hope to add more and more to the foods until it’s the greatest
set in all of second life! *maniacal laughter*

All the hard work will be worth it though as in a few weeks I hope to fly over to visit my partner again for a few months, and hopefully bring her back
with me for a while as well. It’s a pain that we live in different countries (I live in england, she in the US) but everything will work out in the end.

Well, my aim to have a corner of the newsletter as devoted to me as it is devoid of any use has been achieved, so I’d better get back to work for
today’s preperations. I hope you enjoy the sim, our new food, and our first newsletter.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?