The second of our big events in the week has arrived! Home Show SL is an event sponsored by big & main stream brands such as Cheeky Pea and Digs – much more modern designers.
Somehow, we managed to get an invite & get in to this lovely event! You’ll find us on the Home Show 2nd Sim where we have two brand-new releases waiting for you~
The first, and so far seeming to be the favorite amongst Home Show shoppers is the Well-Aged Gazebo:
Draped in strands of ivy and coated in a subtle misting of moss, this Well-Aged Gazebo surely holds the name well. An all-natural wooden, square design makes it stand out against more conventional and modern hexagon or other -gon shapes.
At 4×4 wide and 5.7m tall, it stands out in any garden – and can be resized! Please remember, if you resize it too much it will cause the primcount to go up.
Copyable, Modifyable, & only 195L$ this great piece is sure to find a home on almost any sim!
& the 2nd, my personal favorite, is the Octagon Fountain:
A classic 8-sided shape, this Octagon Fountain has fun zig-zags engraved all around it, and with a set of beautiful copper spigots it shoots out realistic streams of water!
At a well-suited for all environments size of 4.5m x 4.5m, it wont take up much room to really get a great effect. 
This fountain includes a copyable but no mod version with animations (6 solo, 3 couple) and a modify and copyable version with no animations or scripting. It’ll set you back a mere 275L$ for both versions.
Don’t forget, we do have one more set of all-new releases this week @ We Love Roleplay event! You might even see the sneak-preview item out on display in the store or at the Home Show event itself!

Written by Admin Cat

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