This week brings with it a great new event coming to SL, one I am very excited to participate in.
It’s called the We Love RP event, and it features high quality, hand picked, and original creators in good standing with the community. This means you wont find any stolen, sketchy, or low quality products.
Furthermore all merchants are offering you 25-50% off of 1 to 3 items – a great and steep discount for many. 
Like several others, I am offering brand new releases for this event, and I really think everyone will love my gardeny items!
So here is the info!

The event begins on May 4th at 2:30pm SLT (PST), these 3 items are as seen below + 25% off discount:
Mr. Scarecrow: 1 prim, 110L$ normally, 83L$ after.
Sunflowers: 1 prim at included sizes (3 types), 165L$ normally, 124L$ after.
Little Garden Trellis – Light: 1 prim at included sizes (8 types), 275L$ normally, 207L$ after.
(Medium & Dark versions available @ main store)
Items will be available for non sale prices mid-late next week on MP & in our main store right away.

Want to see -much- better pictures of these and other new releases than I can take?
Visit the Good Gorean blog where the sweet Pewpew Zero dishes out gorgeous pics of our products on a regular basis. Thanks Pew!
 Hope to see you soon!

Written by Admin Cat

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