Here at Dysfunctional Designs, we use a very popular, well reputed, low lag, and fast vending system called CasperVend which is owned and operated by Casper Warden of CasperTech.
Recently, they developed and deployed a product called PrimBay, which is esssentially a SL Marketplace alternative which is owned/ran by CasperTech with the same speed and reliability as their inworld vending system.

Why bother?

The great benefit as a merchant (me!) when using this system is that your items (if set up properly with images, perms, descriptions, and now categories) are automatically added to this crazy fast marketplace, with no work from you (SL Marketplace is a MAJOR hassle, and slow!)… Furthermore, the fee is only 2% which is over half less what LL charges (5%)… So overall, this product is a win-win as a CasperVend using merchant!
Furthermore, as a merchant, I am less likely to update the SL Marketplace in a timely manner, so you may not always be able to get our items there as they’re released… PrimBay is automatically listing, so as soon as I have it for sale inworld, it’ll also be available for you to buy on PrimBay!

…And as a buyer?

For consumers there is also some really great benefits such as crazy fast delivery, applied store discounts (up to the 10% off!) & credits, significantly faster searching, and the same self-serve redelivery system we’ve always provided for our inworld products! It’s really just like buying in the store, except in a faster to browse online shop environment, able to be delivered right to you at home, with much better reliability than the SL Marketplace!
Yes, this also includes all of our non group freebies!

…I’m still not sure…

If that isn’t enough, we will be offering periodic PrimBay only promotional pricing offers, starting with the [DDD] Frilly Pine Tree Pack on sale for 350L$, 145L$ off from the regular price of 495L$.
For the first two days, this pack will only be available on PrimBay, and the sale will remain only on PrimBay (meaning inworld = 495L$! & PrimBay 350L$!) until Saturday night (Nov 16th, 2013) when it goes back to regular price in both locations.
Who knows what will be next? I’m excited to offer this new service as a CasperVend user, and hope that you’ll take advantage of it. I know, at first it may seem awkward, but I am hoping that once users are signed up, used to it, and keep a little in their PrimBay wallet for future use, you’ll appreciate being able to buy sales at home without the potential busy-sim hassles of shopping inworld!

So… You might be wondering, “How do I sign up?”

I have a few easy & simple steps:

  • Next, locate the large purple terminal near the landing point, click it, and choose “Register

  • Follow the steps provided, and be sure when you get to the confirmation email to check your Spam Box if it isn’t there immediately. It can take up to 5 minutes if your email is a bit slow.

  • Shop! The checkout and delivery is insanely fast, so we are sure you’ll enjoy the benefits for lazy shopping days~

We hope you’ll join us in testing out this new service, and please… Please let us know if you run into any problems or hiccups! This is a brand new service, so we want to get all the kinks worked out ASAP!
Thanks so much
Anke & Kalia
Dysfunctional Designs

Written by Admin Cat

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