The Elegance Bedroom Set is the September offering for We Love Roleplay!
For this month only, you’ll find it 25% off the regular listing price of 795L$, bringing it down to only 597L$ for:
Both PG & Adult Suitable Beds (6 LI)
(15 Cuddle/Hanging Out Poses & 15 Adult Anims for 2 Users, Total)
Nightstand (1 LI)
Oil Lamp (1 LI)
& Separate Bed Foot Stool with 8 Solo Animations (1 LI)
All the pieces come with a default 6 texture options for the wood (or metal, in the case of the lamp) and all cloth pieces are individually tintable.
Have no idea how to tint things? Never fear!
Remember, this special 25% off price is only for the month of September, and it will permanently go up to full price after!

Written by Admin Cat

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