Enchanting~ A pond.
Out now on special discount from the permanent price of 145L$, our Enchanted Pond can be bought & gifted this weekend only for just 75L$!
Ethereal & magical, our little Enchanted Pond is a beautiful 1 land impact 2.5m by 2.5m circle of carefully sculpted rocks, full to the brim with sparkling, pulsing magic water.
Completely above ground, you do not need to terraform to place this – just set it on any flat surface. Perfect for Linden Homes!
You’ll receive 6 rock textures, 6 inner glow textures, 3 lily choices, and twinkles & rising spirt on/off via HUD! This allows you to place it in many environments, from deserts, forests, caves, & snowy biomes and take it from realistic to fantasy.


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Written by Admin Cat

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