This month we are participating in the event called “Enchantment”! 
This is our first time, and we hope you will enjoy our offerings, based on the theme of it – Rumplestiltskin~
It is a stamp rally system, where you can purchase a specially marked item from any of the participating 20 stores that includes an Enchantment Stamp Card, then wear it & click the stamp stations at each of the 20 stores to fill the card.
Once your card is full, you can redeem it for a free prize from any of the participating stores, so for example if you buy our Spinning Wheel for 145L$ above, and fill the stamp card, you get the Baby Bassinet for free!
A special note, the Gilded/Embellished Baby Bassinet is EXCLUSIVE to this Enchantment prize, it wont ever be sold again in that version after.
You can check out the information and buy the Spinning Wheel at our main store~ 

Written by Admin Cat

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