Blush opens at midnight SLT tonight for it’s second round~ We’re releasing some lovely all-new twinkling mesh clouds there for you!
These gorgeous mesh clouds, trails, and sparkle clouds are sure to add infinitely versatile magic to any of your photos, sim builds, dreamy waterways, illuminated paths, and so much more.
They’ll twinkle in the most enchanting of ways, perfect with just minor adjustments to tint, glow, and transparency to fit everywhere!
Included in this pack is a variety of themed cloud and sparkle or sparkle only combinations, each are 1 land impact at default sizing. 
Anything which is White Sparkles or White/Tint will have 3 faces you may individually select to tint.
You’ll receive 5 Cloud & Cloud Trails in coordinating colors:
Lovely: Soft pink and white hues, perfect for the cute look~
Icey: Blues and grays, great tinted for underwater!
Heavenly: Soft golds and whites, a truly dazzling appearance.
Mysterious: Violet and cooler hues for a mystical feeling.
White/Tintable: Each includes 3 faces for you to customise, or use as white only! You can get some amazing looks.
Sparkles are ONLY sparkles and no clouds. There is 3 versions, one which is tintable.
I *highly recommend* adjusting the glow, transparency, and tint of your items to customise them to the environment or backdrop you intend to use them in. It is *very likely* the default ones may not be perfect for you. Please use “Select Face” and edit them in the Texture tab of the edit menu.
Twinkle Heart is just a flat heart and has only 1 face, unlike the rest of the set. It’s pinkish and matches with Lovely items.
Please use caution with resizing, the sparkles won’t look right at huge scales.

Written by Admin Cat

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