As you all know, today was the last day of the 25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete, which closed at 11:59 Halloween!
We had so many great items available there that I have had several customers ask:
Yes! We absolutely do have all of these items available inworld as well as the marketplace!
All of their prices for the 1 prim seasonal goodies are just 65L$-145L$ each, and quite honestly none of them are over a prim each and 100% mesh.
Many of these items are also very suitable for November and the great fall holiday celebrated then – please be on the lookout for a wide variety of new releases this coming winter as well. 
They are a mix of indoor and outdoor items, so you’ll find some inside and some outside our store – a majority of them are right by the entrance.
If you’re interested in viewing these items, please check below!
If you’ve forgotten or not seen our fabulous ultra low prim seasonal items, here is a quick sample!

Written by Admin Cat

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