Tomorrow is the start of the September round of FaMESHed, a giant & exclusive mesh event where a bunch of original & talented people get to sell stuff.
I never dreamed to be a part of it, when I applied several months back at their opening, my items certainly were not mainstream enough.
The latest set by our new designer, Kalia, is! While her pieces would be absolutely at home in any Medi-Fantasy sim like the rest… They’d also look gorgeous in a common modern day home.
We have been working this entire week on one product… I wish I were kidding. It’s a matching Dark Wooden Chaise Longue, a simple but timeless piece which could be used pretty much anywhere. At only 2 prims, it is also a wonderfully low prim option to those which usually begin at a minimum of 5 using sculpts.
But what actually took so long is the animation script, my codesigner codered1200 Nemeth is as it happens… a programmer RL… Code… see? Yeah. Anyways, he has been working all the bugs with this system out, and I think on the 4.0 release of the animation script, we *may* be done!
In the end, I am left with a gorgeous new piece to add to our latest line – it comes in at 2 prims, a bunch of single anims(7+1… I didn’t feel like changing ads), three couples, and 11 textures to choose from. We’re also releasing the 1 prim nightstand behind it for the event. The products will be 350L$ & 110L$ respectively – no modify, copyable, no transfer.
I really hope you’ll like it, I’m insanely nervous about it, as to me this feels like my first product ever… and to a lot of people, it will be. I want to make the best impression.
It will only be available at FaMESHed for the month of September, and you’ll find it online & in our main store after. 
You wont be able to get in til Sept 1st, nor will my vendors be activated… but since I will be out most the day –

Written by Admin Cat

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