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Covered is: Support, gifting, refunds, redelivery, sales, rewards, events, permissions, bloggers, customs, wip products, sets.

If you have questions about available group freebies and discounts, see this page instead.

If you have questions about available lucky chair items, see this page instead.

If your question is not answered, contact me directly. ♥

On Support:

All sales and support is handled by one avatar: Anke Pancake

Items may be made or uploaded by other users, yet sold under the same brand (we are a collaborative brand), but please do not contact them. Only contact: Anke Pancake

Please do not send notecards, but leave a detailed IM or email.

Notecards will not be noticed nor responded to.

If I did not respond to you, I may have crashed or otherwise lost the message, so please contact again. My apologies.

On Gifting:

All vendors and Marketplace listings are giftable, including sale items. Most items are copy, mod so you must use the gifting option to send them directly to the user. Permission changes will not be granted. Sorry.

On Refunds:

Due to there being multiple designers, and each product undergoing profit splits – it will not be possible to give you a cash refund on any object.

ALL refunds that are granted will be given in the form of store credit.
In the event you’ve double purchased (only possible via MARKETPLACE, inworld vendors will refund automatically if you try to do so) you may contact me for a refund via CREDIT only. Please include ALL transaction info in an IM, NO NOTECARDS.

It is simply not a feasible thing to ask each designer and person for whom the split was involved, a minimum of 2 others, for the money back. Unless you are happy to settle for 1/3 the value, please understand the Store Credit is all that is available.

I appreciate your consideration, and urge your caution in the future.

Is the vendor repeatedly refunding you?
A: You may already own it. Please choose [Redelivery] from the menu.
B: You may be trying to buy something for the group price without wearing the proper group tag. Check it is the [Dysfunctionality] group.
C: It is notifying you the item is retired. This is a bug we have not managed to sort out, please leave a message about the item so we can fix it and use the SL Marketplace instead, sincere apologies.

On Redelivery:

If you need a redelivery, please just visit the main store – teleport to any of my picks – & click on the pile of crates right by where you land.

This works for MP & Inworld Purchases.

They are labelled “Redelivery Terminal”

Follow the link & select redelivery on the product you need. This can take up to 15 minutes to register from original purchase, please be patient. You’re welcome to teleport elsewhere.

Error with accessing the website? Be sure you’re using an external browser, not the SL built in one. Thank you!

On Sales/Discounts:

We offer sales and discounts on new items regularly, including monthly sales such as 50L$ Friday. Please join our group to hear about them! [Dysfunctionality]

Aside from that, we will occasionally offer Gift Card sales of up to 25%, with rare events offering a limited selection of existing items at discount.

Outside of those offerings, we do not typically put old stock or items on sale as a normal occurrence throughout the year, including opting out of situations such as Black Friday or otherwise in order to bring you affordable prices every day.

Please don’t ask when x item is going to go on sale. The answer is probably never.

Thank you. ♥

On Rewards:

Beginning January 2018, some vendors have a button for a lower price, which is the price exclusively for group members. Please join, and wear your tag, for this discount or it will not let you buy at that price. No adjustments will be given for forgetfulness. Thank you.
If you have questions about available group freebies and discounts still, see this page instead.

As of September 2017, we have updated our Customer Rewards to have tiers discounting 1% for every 2000L$ spent in our store, automatically refunded on all non-sale purchases.

The highest tier is 25% off for our customers, recently upped from 20%.

25% is the most we typically discount for our gift card or event sales, so it is like the store permanently being on sale for our most loyal of members. ♥

You might also join our store group [Dysfunctionality] to receive 5% off & exclusive regularly released group gifts in addition to hearing about our weekly 25L$ & monthly 50L$ sales.

On Permissions:

All current items, and items made since 2013 are copy/modify/no transfer with few exceptions.

Items are, and never will be, available for full permissions. Please do not ask.

To the eternal question of why some items are no mod:

That’s simply how things were handled with the individual designers I was working with at the time, and the rules we were going under. These items are generally from 2012 and quite old. (9+ years)

We changed this about ~100 products in, and instead of me spending 30+ minutes to change over the product perms and ads in all locations per product, I discounted them heavily instead. They are very outdated.

Most of these items are making me literal pennies. I don’t want to invest that time in them at this point. The alternative is to retire them entierly/make them unavailable. When people hassle me over it, it makes that outcome more likely. Please keep that in mind when purchasing 9+ year old content.

You can find any more recent changes to these dated pieces HERE.

On Events:

I do not do gacha-like events, events we cannot use our networked vending system at, or events that require limited edition items.

I will consider more quality main store events but do not have time for most other events. Exceptional, interesting, and proven events are much more likely.

All of our mesh is original and brand exclusive, no prepurchased available-to-everyone templates from websites or SL shops are used.

At this point, we’re not looking for or interested in any Satellite Stores, Market Rentals, Affiliates, etc – I just don’t have the time to maintain checking in to pay rent at all these places. 🙂

Thank you ♥

On Bloggers:

We do not manage or maintain a blogger list, but if you use our items a lot – please let us know! Maybe we’ll send you copies in the future. xx

On Custom Items/Modification:

We are unable to offer custom items nor customization to items, including resizing, different permissions, full permissions, texture additions, recolours, mesh changes, script changes, and any other after-market alterations.

I highly recommend all customers to preview inworld and read any available information on a product before deciding if it is the right choice for them.

When it comes to people using third-party tools to customize, modify, or resize textures on products for personal use, I have no opposition and may even offer you the AO textures to products if I have them laying around.

However, unauthorized resale or redistribution of texture or meshes is not permitted. Please respect our creations so that we continue to provide affordable prices. Thank you.

On Can’t Find/Not For Sale:

Most items are available inworld for preview, but may be on one of two sims or in the retirement rezzers.

Some items are so old or dated that they are in neither and unavailable for preview inworld. In which case, we recommend asking in the group.

All Seasonal (Halloween/Winter) items are in a separate area of the sim. Please use teleporters.

However, some other items are marked as “WIP” or “Not for Sale” and we ask you to respect that we may create or use items that are not for sale in their current condition (and may never be!) – although we are merchants, we are also permitted to make things for personal use.

On Set Items:

Set items are sold as a set and may not be separated.

Some items which are alike (gardens, lanterns) but not sold as a set, likely currently have no plans to be sold as a set – please purchase individually.

On Originality:

All [DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality items are original mesh created and sold exclusively for and through the [DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality Second Life based brand. It is our foremost effort to provide quality original creations to SL.

The vast majority of textures and meshes are created by myself or a handful of other SL artists who are friends, while some components are outsourced through a few non-SL-based talented artists I am close friends with. This work is paid by commission, with many artists getting up to 50% of the earnings from the item being sold based on contribution to the project.

The remaining are contracted business associates and are done collaboratively with my designed spec, and modelled by living wage paid professionals that set their own fair market value based on the project.

All SL polishing including LODs, texture options, land impact optimizations, scripting, and uploading is done by me or my closest friends who are programmers out of SL.

All content creators and professionals are aware of what their work will be used for and are paid fair wages – often with bonuses.

For content I do not personally design, nor direct the creative outsourcing for, my friends are welcome to create whatever they wish. In most cases, I still handle all SL polishing.

If you have questions about specific items or their sources, please contact me directly.

Thank you.