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FLF is back and we have two love-filled projects I’ve been fiddling with on the side for only 50L each through 11:59pm Friday!
In our Fluffy Foliage Basics pack, you’ll get several tree and plant options ranging from 1-5LI, all ran by a HUD with 2 bark & 4 leaf choices~ A full megapack with these and more, coming soon.™

The Neon Cycle EEP Pack includes a dawn, day, dusk, and night time that seamlessly flow through each other in a packaged cycle – ready to apply to your parcel! Each state of the day is also included individually, of course. ♥

Thanks for your continued support!

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(sun moved slightly for ease of shot)
A sample of the individual phases – the flow they naturally have over a full day is sadly lost a bit, but hopefully this still gives a good representation~ xx

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?