Tomorrow-Tuesday the 24th is the *final* day I will be on for most the day for business.
At appx 5pm I will officially be off the production line for 2.5 months on and off.

Please understand this does not effect customer service too drastically.

Like I have been for a few weeks, I will answer all customer support questions via DysfunctionalDoll Finesmith at least once every 48-72 hours~

Please, please, please, pleasseeee if you even remotely want a reply you will send a NOTECARD or IM detailing exactly the problem, date of purchase (approximate), etc.

Issues regarding items not being delivered, or on the site fixing, or giving of new item due to defect may take up to a week..

I’m so sorry about all of this and how it will affect my customers <3 RL comes before SL, and that even includes me as a business owner unfortunately. I promise to try to respond as quick as possible, and the largest delay in the forseeable future is between 7pm Tuesday the 23rd until Saturday the 28th sometime because Matt arrives on Tuesday, Wednesday is my birthday, we have a hotel until late Thurs/Early Friday and we move into the new apartment on Saturday. I will, however, try to be on periodically throughout to try to assist you. If you have any ideas for freebies, also drop those to DysfunctionalDoll or post as a comment on here. I am running out of ideas, so you may be seeing repeats soon…
Take care~


Written by Admin Cat

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