We recently released our Fireplace Grates (2 styles), Log baskets (2 styles), and Stacked Logs (3 stacked, bound by rope) – they’re all 95-175L$ each and are 1 or 2 prims each! The Logs come in 4 varying sizes to fit both inside the home and out.

We are also working on Fireplaces (3 styles possibly) for release in the near future, we anticipate scripting them more with possibly a built in animation menu – we will see how that goes, and may just build it into a stand-alone rug. Anticipate their pricing to be sub 400L$, but possibly over 300, and copyable. Our estimated prim count is currently under 5 each.

Ideally, they’ll be out within the week! Our baths, dance pit, wash basin (sponge bathe 60s loop+more), and possibly chore tables are lined up for the rest of this month. We’re a little behind but are doing our best, Code recently spent about 100 hours on our new low lag animation script, the end of MLP and multi-script pose systems.

Written by Admin Cat

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