FLF Antique Couch & Chair Set

Happy Fifty Linden Friday… and Happy New Years!

Wow, 2020 already. I feel old first off, but I’m also so amazed that it brings [DDD] into our 14th year in SL. I have no idea what the future holds for us, but I hope that it is many more years with our amazing customers.

This week for FLF we’re bringing you the animation packed Antique Living Set in the special eggplant violet hue for just 50L$!

I absolutely plan on working to finish the jewel hue full PG set of this (Adult TBA) in the future – however as I am working a full time job (for the first time in many years), I really cannot tell you when it will be done. So be sure to pick up this set in the meanwhile!

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Written by Admin Cat

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