For years, Maxwell Graf has been around the Second Life community as a creator and purveyor of fine rustic and fantasy wares. Many of you may know his store, Rustica, as it has co-existed along several other major medieval fantasy merchants for years along with our brand.
We have known him personally and professionally, and like all who do, you can’t help but love the jovial and crude sense of humour he always has, or respect the work he has put in to helping the SL community & merchants as a sort of community liaison to the corporate overlords.
Recently, everyones beloved friend Max has had some RL troubles that can be read about HERE as part of his plea for help. Some kind merchants have stepped up to the plate and are putting donation items for 100% donation to Max during the next 7 days.
So please consider stopping by the ForMax event and picking up our new Max’s Magic Potted Fern, a twinkly little houseplant for just 75L$ – all of which will go to him!
Further that, we have no current plans to sell this item after the event (and there is no redelivery of it due to the scripts they require us to use) so please grab it before it disappears.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?