We currently have a mixed array of freebies, some are for all, while others require our in-world group, [Dysfunctionality] to be active, to receive.

All of the items pictured below are located in the freebie building and are only for group members, currently you’ll find this on the main store sim HERE.
Our freebie building is a petite 2-floor building on the edge of both sims, upstairs is for everyone, and downstairs is only for group members.

Although below you will find only the group gifts, as of writing 4/1/21 you’ll also find over a dozen other unpictured free items in the freebie building.

LIKE FREE THINGS? Check out our lucky chair page.

The store group does have a 195L$ joining fee, but this also keeps the spammers to a minimum! 🙂

In addition, you’ll also receive a 5% discount at any non-sale vendors which have the following frames:

Vendors which do not have these 4 specific frames will NOT have a group discount option, sorry! About 50% of the items are now in discountable vendors. Others may, or may not, swap over. You are not entitled to a manual adjustment if you do not use the group title!