Anyone who has been in my store group, or known me for any amount of time knows I have some type of addiction to giving things away. I admit it too, I have some secret itch to give freebies away.

So I was a little irritable when I got complaints over freebies on the Marketplace, but mostly they’re removed for now and I have moved them as well as some of the favorite old [DDD] freebies to a location on our sim. 

Right now there isn’t a lot there, and some of it is mega old, like from 2006/2007 era of [DDD] – but some of it is newer, and I am adding more when I get to it. Two of the ‘free avatars’ are there, the slave one and the FW, and both have had their laggy as hell resizer scripts removed, and mod rights added. No one likes resizers anyways. They both still have basic hair, skin (old), AOs, and outfits. The slave one also has the really handy basic animator HUD, drop in animations, and use anywhere. Really handy for dances.

I also added a bonus easter tunic to the “Unisex” tunic box, it’s in nicer colours (greens) so stop by and grab that, too.Well, I can’t think of much else, except maybe that we are working on new releases and hopefully will have some bath themed items out and ready for you by the end of the weekend. We’re also in 25L$ Tues next Tues, so more info on that later.

Oh! It’s the /final/ day for the 30L$ Black Egg Hunt, it ends tomorrow, and we made a brand new item for it this round, it’s pretty easy to find, so stop by our main store and grab it!

Not that I really think anyone reads this but…
Have a good Friday/weekend all!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?