Genre is a favorite event of mine, even if we sometimes struggle with what to come up with… It’s always something unique that we may not have otherwise done!
The Arabia round is no exception, I am super thrilled about what was made – by request of the event designer as an idea for the stalls, we made an interpretation of the classic cultural Bedouin Tent!
This 3 land impact tent is amazingly versatile with 18 unique texture options, 4 metals & functioning lanterns as well as being copy/mod & of course, 100% original mesh!
For an extra level of versatility, you can remove the rug/center divider & even the lanterns by setting them to 100% transparent for a totally different look!
… The best part is that for the duration of this event, the item is only 100L$!
When it goes to the main store, you can be sure it will be going up… so do be sure to stop by Genre before this round ends~

Written by Admin Cat

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