Hi everyone, I’m happy to report my vacation is easing all my late stress to liveable circumstances.
I’m here with my partner, Matt (Codered1200 Nemeth) having a great time in the overly sunny San Diego!
I should update everyone on the late events and sales at my store so here goes!
I did do something RIDICULOUS and released the Basic Essentials Servery Set for 10L$ for 3 days during St Patricks Day, but now it’s up to normal price — 225L$ and is located in our store near the Iron Diamond Servery set & Accessories table.
It includes a brasier, corner servery, 1 prim seating and table, 1 prim sculpted dishes, and many more. Really excellent deal if I say so my self!
I am also holding a Spring Cleaning sale on our 1 Prim Tables, 2 Prim Brasier Tables, 1 Prim Cushion, and 3 Prim Raised Cushions all marked between 5L$ and 45L$ each.
I will also be lowering more prices this week such as torches, Flames of the Night brasiers, and a few other items around my store which will also bump the prices of our large sets down as well (The Scribery & Servery — Living Sets Prices are already 50% of normal)

Well, I will update possibly a few more times before vacation is really over, but I’ve got lunch plans at this really great greek cafe down the road.
Have a GREAT Spring Break everyone!
-Nyalee & Code

Written by Admin Cat

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