I’ve begun releasing more, this is just an update on new items basically.

My new releases this past week have only been few. One of them is a butter churn and it is for sale at 100L$.
The second is a group of 5 items which are flexi fluffy boots. They’re quite cute and come in 5 colors:
Ash – a sort of color shifting grey-black color which is beautiful when you walk
Black – Solid black with beautiful shimmery looking highlights
White – A beautiful soft look which flows well
Dark Brown – Gorgeous with its deep brown tones and light blonde near the base, it gives a very beautiful look when walking aswell
Light Brown – Blonde and Dirty Blonde tones swirl together

All of them have modifyable flexi legging parts, sculpted shoe bases, and a glitch layer so that you don’t see the legs through flex or sculptie. They all have beautiful high quality textures and are for sale at 125L$ each or the mega pack at 500L$

I also have upcoming projects which include a new infirmary set, yes, it’s been so long! Currently Codered1200 is working on sculpted 1 prim jars with herbs and such in them, if you have an exact list of what you’d like to see in jars, lemme know, we will try to incorporate it in!

Ooh my favorite release this week though has to be the campfire set where it has 11 seating no poseballs for roasting foods and relaxing. It’s much different from my other using almost exclusively sculpties but it is quite the beautiful set with dark custom made textures and such.
I truely love it! It’s for sale at 475L$ in our main store and as always has a working fire!

My new freebie this week too is a sculpted bag with food inside of it. It has sculpted bread, cheese, and drinks in a woven textured backpack that has little flexi strings. It’s so cute!

I also made an awesome rustic posing stand. It’s so simple but so cute! It’s a tree stump and optimised for everyone to stand on it no matter how tall (up to 8m) and has standard animation.

Another great item my boyfriend made originally for Relay for Life RELAY-PALOOZA on the Gianfar sims is a 18 prim mosly sculpted harp which plays a 20 second loop. They’re avaliable currently in 2 sizes, small and large, and in 6 colors with 2 metal types.
There is also a special edition avaliable only in medium size which is the RFL version – buy this and your donation goes to RFL ! It’s purple.

We’re looking to make a large version but we need an animator first!

The Barrel Tower Shower is our final release far earlier this week which has 2 washing animations and is about 19 prims with clickable on/off water. It’s very details and so nice!

Written by Admin Cat

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