As many of you know, we have over half a dozen group exclusive freebies – predominantly mesh and made only by us, as well as over a dozen general release public freebies. These range mostly in furniture or gardening/landscaping goods.
Unfortunately, we do not have the time to redo our store in the near future, so at this point we need to conserve space, and so we are retiring certain group exclusive freebies. They may return in the future as either group or general release, or not at all. I cannot make promises once things enter the abyss that is my inventory. Some will, when retired, never return.
I plan to retire 1-4 of them this coming Monday the 24th of September – if you have one of them you fancy, please pick it up!! The general release ones are planned to stay as they are for the forseeable future so do not fret on them – they are available in any vendor.
I will not, and cannot address the giving out of these freebies once they are retired. I know we all hate limited edition things, and so do I too – but I feel it is for the better good of my sanity, so that there is room to add new awesome freebies! In the forseeable future, I plan to add an all mesh simple dining set to this section, and possibly a limited time chair.
So please join the group, and teleport over today!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?