As I was working on some up & coming releases this week, I thought how handy it would be to have some spare pillows to toss around.
Then I thought of how impossible it would be for me to make the infinite combinations of colors, patterns, and prints that people would want…
So I settled, and I give you our group gift Throw Pillows, complete with very tintable-friendly texture, materials enhanced, and included AO for those who wish to customise them!
You’ll find the AO inside of the pillows. They are two individual meshes so you can set them up on your furniture, and linked together are just 1 land impact with LOD levels.
I hope they’ll help make your home more cozy~ ♥
These are for [DDD] Dysfunctionality group members only. The group now costs 50L$ to join to keep you free of spammers. This fee will be going in to action at 6pm SLT July 1st, 2017.

Written by Admin Cat

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