Hi friends ♥

If you’ve peeked in the group or toured the sims lately, you’ll see stuff is changing again~

I just wanted to have a repository for you to see what is changing and why, you can check HERE.

Some updates are available for FREE via the in-world delivery system for some products on the list. For those being compiled to Sets from individuals in retirement, only Sets may be purchased as a whole in the future both in-world on the retirement sim, and the SL Marketplace. Not all individual items are being updated.
See links on sidebar for urls.

These most recent changes reflect the ‘final form’ of several products as I prepare a mass retirement of many of the pre-2014 era offerings. At the end of this project, I hope to have successfully retired to my satisfaction approximately 200 items. Currently, I have only done so with about 14, so there is a long way to go. Additionally, I hope to update another more recently released (post-2017) approximately 25 items to meet current standards within the H&G section.

While I am planning to restructure many items in large ways (rescripting, HUDs, materials) or small ways (price change, modify permissions), at this time I have no plans to publish a list or approve nor deny any requests for specific products or sets to have these changes.

Furthermore, while I apologize that some of these updates aren’t available for individual items, all retired content is being priced affordably enough to hopefully make it worthwhile anyway. I understand that people want free updates, but I am putting in many hours of my time remastering and scripting much of this so I don’t think it is appropriate to be paid for it.

Please do not reach out to me making these requests. They highly demotivate me from making any changes at all.

Thank you for your consideration.

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