Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays~
All new Hatched Lanterns! ♥
These low 1 land impact lanterns come both individually (with handle, without handle, and on a string) as well as in two different arrangements of groups of 3!
Fully materials enabled for extra pretty viewings on high settings, but beautiful rich baked hand painted textures that look wonderful on low settings as well.
They have 8 rich and shiny metal texture options ranging from platinum, to gold, and of course black~
Additionally, they have 8 bright and cheerful colors for the papers, including soft pink, buttery yellow, cool blue, red, teal, & more!
You’re able to turn them on & off with real emitted lighting, as well as control them via an access menu that allows either group, everyone, or owner-only access.
Done setting them up just how you like? You can delete all the scripts to save on load.
Only 50L$ this weekend, and then full price after!

Written by Admin Cat

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