As many of you may have found out through trial and error and silly flight system problems in my store.. as well as the little notice :: My store, the whole sim is a Havok4 Early Adopter sim. We have been this way for as long as they’ve had it avaliable. This does cause problems. I believe that being Havok4 is for the best though because eventually ALL of SecondLife will have it. Unlike many other designers who choose to either not update or live on mainland or not their own sim, all of my products will be completely compatible with Havok4 when it is released. We do still do testing on regular sims so that items work on Havok1 sims as well until the full update is released. Occassionally the sim will get updates to the Havok4 and we may have problems with all sorts of little things, and all I can ask is that you bare with me and report it to not only myself but Linden Labs as well. The sooner it’s resolved the better.
I just felt I needed to address this after a peculiar talk with a friend whom was having problems with other designers items that were supposed to do the same as mine but did not, and he had also had a problem with an item of mine that functioned improperly because it was old On a Havok4 Sim.

Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and reading this!

Written by Admin Cat

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