While on the long train of experimentation for creating fog, I’ve also began side developing environment-specific haze/fog effects with dust motes etc.
Out for release is the Autumn Haze & Ocean Haze variants!
Each is a single mesh cloud with specifically adjusted particle effects (click to turn off) – they’re approximately 7m in size and move around realistically.
You can (and should) adjust the transparency, color, glow, etc to suit your windlight specifically.
You can get the Autumn Haze FREE by visiting our Redeux stall and clicking the gift bag,
You’ll also be able to buy the Ocean Haze for 25L$ next to it.
Both will be available for purchase at the 25L$ price on Marketplace soon.
Our existing Creeping Fog (25L$), Blooming Ivy (25L$), and Dewdrop Cobwebs (50L$) are also available at the event location for a last call on their sale prices.

Written by Admin Cat

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