I’m going to give a bit of heartfelt person to person today ~

My partner, Matt aka Codered1200 Nemeth is coming to visit again!
We have an apartment temporarily which is just a few over from here, so it wont be hard to come back to my grandmothers and use her computer, and I can also keep an eye on her declining health — but I wont have internet over there really except some unbearably slow wireless that isn’t stable… sooo!
You very well may end up with not much Nyalee or releases for a bulk of the summer.

I’ve got a lot of things to tie up before I am gone entirely, and stressed about it, trust me that!

One of my biggest things I need to finish arranging before I go is our team stall on the Relay for Life walk in SecondLife in mid July.

I still need to get the other member (Lorissia Fraisse, and Natalie Oe sometimes) to a conference with the leaders to figure out where, when, etc so I will update when I learn about all of this.

Also, I have to finish arranging the sim in a presentable manner, produce a few lines of freebies to put in “The Hole” for when I am gone so you all don’t abandon me because you just want my freebies, or such.

Any ideas for some quick and simple freebies are accepted.

Items must be low prim, have one or two non-animated pose which is simple to create or none at all, not require extensive scripting or a lot of time, and not already represented in a form at my store.

Alternatively, it might be appreciated if you told me if you preferred I load all (dating back to the very first freebies) into the hole and let it randomly pick what you get.

Well, theres a bit more to discuss, but my carpal tunnel has been murderous lately and I just cannot handle it.

Also, if you’re interested — my birthday is on the 25th, so just a week away! =)

Don’t let my store go into ruin, my only request~

Written by Admin Cat

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