Hocus Pocus 2021

Happy Halloween month~
We’re participating in one of our most favorite events again this year: Hocus Pocus!

This fun event begins tonight at midnight (22nd) and runs through the 1st.

Participants have a 25% chance to get our adorable all-original mesh Spooky Mushroom Trees for FREE each try.
The option to purchase the all-new item for a discounted rate of 50L$!

You can read their “How to Play” for any questions, or just head over to our mainstore and say hocus pocus in general chat next to the event display.

This particular release will be retired for an unknown period of time after the event due to restructuring priorities, so please be sure to stop by and grab it before then if you want it!
Each package includes a redeemable personal use voucher for registering it in our updates/redelivery vendor system.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?