Hocus Pocus is back!

Halloween is coming, and this year has been so tremendously busy irl with me moving and getting another job so I haven’t had the time to release all I had hoped and I’m so sorry!

Hopefully this Hocus Pocus candle trio that you can get for free will make up for it~


Just visit the Hocus Pocus display in our main store (look for the ghoul pictured below) and say “hocus pocus” in local chat to see if you won the prize.

For full instructions & info, check out their blogpost here.

This is what you’re looking for! Just type “hocus pocus” in chat next to him.

Is it November 9th and you’ve been unlucky or forgetful, but still want the item? You can pay 50L$ at any point during the event to get this cute minipack.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, happy Halloween everyone!

Teleport to the main store and play~

Oh look! The featured colour options for this minipack!

Written by Admin Cat

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