Last year, we had so much great success with the Home Show event that we’re back for it!
Our release is the Orchard Trees duo!
These awesome flexible little trees stand at 5m tall & come in at just 2 LI with actual 3D fruits!
Trees come with all the same texture options as our Low Poly Trees released for We Love Roleplay.
That means snowy, regular, and mossy versions of 4 tones as well as 5 foliage options…
… but!
These also have a burden of fruit~
The Citrus fruits come with Unripe (green), Orange (orange…), Lemon (yellow), and Blood Orange (reddish) tones and the option to hide the fruit entirely.
The Apple fruits come with Green, Yellow, Ruby Red, & Rosey Red tones with the option to hide the fruit entirely as well.
Orchard Trees are sold as a pair for only 295L$ and are both mod & copy.
You can find them exclusively at The Home Show 2014 until the event ends, when you’ll also be able to get them in the main store.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?