Or, rather there is houses with fire inside them… in the form of candles!
We released two all-new original mesh items for this round of We Love Roleplay!
Our anticipated 3-Pack of “Lil’ Rustic Houses” & “Wall Candles” are finally out, and at an amazing 25% off!
Houses are regularly priced at 875L$, but can be had for just 657L$ during September’s We Love Roleplay.
Coming in with 3 sizes, each are respectively 4, 6, and 9 prims – all linked together & including functional doors and correct physics (walls are solid! doorways are not!)
Also included is a full set of AO and UV maps for all of the houses & bonus pieces, allowing you to customise your home to your needs! Take it to the modern with metals and painted decor, red bricks, pink walls!
Wall Candles are regularly 135L$, but can be had for 102L$ during September’s We Love Roleplay.
 8 Colours to choose from via menu, as well as easily adjustable glow settings & a kill button to remove the script for an even less laggy experience.
You’ll get 3 arrangements which are 1 prim each. A left column, right column, and a mixed up piece.

Written by Admin Cat

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