This year we are participating in the artistic and shopping festival called IndieTeePee!
For it we have some adorable Wearable Bubbles & Floating Clusters.
Included are two wearable bubbles:
Sitting which will put you inside and has a soft pink and purple hue
Floating which will let you lay on top & has a blue and green hue~
Each is resizable and modifiable. I highly recommend adjusting inside & outside glow/transparency levels to suit your windlight individually.
Additionally you’ll get a cluster of bubbles which will float around in a pre-defined or adjustable radius! You can also de-link from the movement prim to use as static poses.
Shift copying will break the subtle texture animation & rotation. If that is your desire, please feel free to do so.
InDTP runs until August 6th.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?