The newest of our low land impact Christmas trees is here!
And it’s 50% off through Christmas!!!
With full and fluffy foliage, no alpha flickering issues, detailed baked glass ornaments, candycanes, bows, and gorgeous little twinkling animated lights covering the whole thing, this is a non -enominational Christmas / Holiday Tree is sure to be a hit. ♥
Includes version without decor so you may add your own!
It includes: 
❄️ 17 vibrant & pastel bow textures: Royal Purple, Peridot Green, Black Silk, Pink Silk, Navy Silk, Silver Silk, Black Burlap, Red Silk, White Silk, Lavender Silk, Sky Blue Silk, Minty Silk, Pastel Pink Silk, Butter Yellow Silk, Teal Silk, Beige Burlap, Cream Silk 
❄️ 6 branch foliage options: Snow Dusting, Frosted Over, Heavy Snow, Lavender, Spring, Green, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Black, White, Pastel Mint 
❄️ 11 base choices: Evergreen, Heavens, Lavender, Creme, Blush, Mint, Coal, Ruby, River, Snowy, Ocean 
❄️ 10 ornament texture choices: Warm Pinks, Black, Black & White, White, Pastel Rainbow, Bright Rainbow, Valentine Pinks, Holiday Red & Green, Cool Blues, Teal & Pink 
❄️ 8 twinkling light color choices: Cozy Red/Yellow/White, Multitone Rainbow, Multitone Pastel, Happy Pink/Green/Blue, Minty White/Teal/Blue, Sunset Pink/Yellow/White, Christmas Red/Green/Yellow, & Tintable WHITE.
Bare – 1 land impact at 3m tall (passable LODs) 
Large – 2 land impact at 4m tall (not so hot LODs) 
Standard – 3 land impact at 2.5m tall (passable LODs)

for this bargain price through holiday season. ♥

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?